The Wind Rises

I haven’t written anything for a long time. There were nothing special for last two months in my life. I continue studying Java on workdays and go home on weekends. Actually, this autumn I hope I will find time to describe GOF patterns in Java on this site.

Last weekend we watched a film by Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki called The Wind Rises. I love almost all his films (almost — because I haven’t watched all of them, I think 😌). Each frame of these films is a masterpiece.

So, The Wind Rises was the final Miyazaki’s film before his retirement in September 2013. I wanted to watch it since it released, and finally it happened. This anime tells us a story about Horikoshi Jiro, who was an engineer of many Japanese fighter designs. It is also a story about true love, are there any good films without love theme?

But I would like to share my thoughts occurred while watching the movie. I like Japanese culture, they are unique people. There are the Great Kanto earthquake and the Second World War described in the film. The earthquake destroyed Tokyo completely!

In one scene, Horikoshi says: “My country is very poor and technically backward, we’d never build such planes”. But I think he didn’t have any thoughts like moving to Germany for the best career. He did his best to make the aviation of his country better. I don’t see this mood among Russian people, and I guess I know why. It’s very sad, and that’s why I like Japanese culture. Because they have it.

Nowadays, who can say “Japan is technically backward”?