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Azure Window collapses in Malta

Three days ago a natural arch called Azure Window collapsed in Gozo, Malta. This arch was included on Malta's tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It was used as background in some well-known movies such as the Game of Thrones and the Count of Monte-Cristo. It was also a famous place for tourists, so…
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Our second rafting experience

Last weekend we rafted by our small river. We made a raft for 6 hours, sailed on it for about 11 hours and covered about 15 kilometers. It was a great adventure. The weather was not so friendly, there were a thunderstorm. After about four hours of rafting we were in Ivan'kovskaya backwater, and suddenly three of us…
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We're going to build a raft again.

Last year (as I remember it was 05 June 2014) we fused with friends on a raft, which was created by us. We used six 200 liters barrels and some boards, one friend of mine made a paddle-wheel, that worked really bad, the chain always jumped out the sprocket. But it looked cool, it was an interesting mechanism. They…
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Weekend in Yaroslavl

In May we've been to Yaroslavl. This beautiful old city located about 270 km from Moscow, and it's my grandmother's hometown. Theity center is very interesting, there are lots of old churches, buildings and monuments. There was the City Day, when we came there. There were hundreds cotton candy sellers, and the…
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