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My plans for the future

Update 06.02.2021: still getting there and changing my plans according to the situation :)
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Logging in ATG: how to send error reports to Elasticsearch and display them with Kibana

In this article, I'm going to share my experience with Oracle ATG logging system and such great tools like Elasticsearch and Kibana. Imagine that we have a big ATG-based project and our task is to store and list all the users who met (explicitly or not) errors. To solve this task we will add a new event listener to…
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How to lookup a user profile from a global-scoped ATG component

This article describes how to look up a session-scoped user profile component from a global scope component that has no access to a DynamoHttpServletRequest object. To achieve this functionality, we will use a ThreadLocal field an ATG feature called Insertable Servlet . When a request object is created, it goes…
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How to create an ATG pipeline processor?


Uncaught exception: the image was stolen by a UFO

I'm currently studying Oracle ATG. Kinda big monstrous e-commerce platform. Today I had to create a commerce pipeline processor. So, I started googling and found this great tutorial by Oracle:  Creating processors . Well, that's not bad. But it's a bit poor. For example, I'd like to know, what is the  Object pParam…
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