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The wind is rising… We must try to live!

The Wind Rises

I haven’t written anything for a long time. There were nothing special for last two months in my life. I continue studying Java on workdays and go home on weekends. Actually, this autumn I hope I will find time to describe GOF patterns in Java on this site.

Last weekend we watched a film by Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki called The Wind Rises. I love almost all his films (almost — because I haven’t watched all of them, I think 😌). Each frame of these films is a masterpiece.

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Today I met the ghost rider 😌 Where is Nicolas Cage? 😁

Ghost rider aerography

Weekend in Yaroslavl

In May we’ve been to Yaroslavl. This beautiful old city located about 270 km from Moscow, and it’s my grandmother’s hometown.

Theity center is very interesting, there are lots of old churches, buildings and monuments.

There was the City Day, when we came there. There were hundreds cotton candy sellers, and the embankment  was ovecrowded.

We also visited John Mostoslavsky’s museum, called “Music and Time”. John is an artist, and all his life he collected old watches, bells, gramophones and smoothin-irons.

Here are some photos.

qfk97X9aZiM X1RIFVMOB1s fFth22ObB20 AYMrRJ5aeAI INR16WlByX0 RWGPfL7PBSM RhjwKmFsAW4 Yaroslavl, Mastoslavsky museum