Lack of teachers around the world

Nowadays many countries have problems with education systems due to lack of teachers. It's an interesting fact that the situation was completely different about one hundred years ago. In those times being a teacher was a prestigious and well-paid job. This essay will describe the main reasons and possible ways to tackle this problem.

The first reason why teaching is not so popular today is low salaries. Young people think of their future life and they see that it'd be more profitable to become a lawyer or perhaps even a preacher. As a Russian Prime Minister said, if you want to earn money, there are many awesome places to do it, for example, consider a business sphere.

The second reason is pupils' behaviour. They usually disobey teachers and it is a pain for the last ones. Teaching schoolchildren is not only about educating young people in a class. Teachers have to prepare for the lesson and to check homework after doing the class activities. If pupils behave badly, a teacher becomes tired and annoyed, and eventually he becomes stressed. Moreover, it takes too much time, so teachers must stay at work late and it has a negative impact on their work-life balance.

So we've just looked at some reasons why being a teacher is not so popular today. This problem could be addressed by increasing salaries as well as hiring assistants to reduce teachers' workload. Another solution is for parents to teach their children how to behave in class.

Posted on 2016-08-08