How to install Kibana as a Windows service

Installing Elasticsearch as a service is an easy task:

cd elasticsearch_dir/bin elasticsearch-service.bat install

This creates a new service, which should be started manually.

However, I faced a problem installing Kibana 5.5.0 as a Windows service. The first solution I found didn't work.

sc create "Kibana 5.5.0" binPath= "path_to_kibana/bin/kibana.bat" depend="elasticsearch-service-x64"

If you got "Access denied" running this command, try running cmd.exe as Administrator. This command creates a service, but it doesn't start because of some errors. I've found a solution that helped me:

  • Download the Non-Sucking Service Manager here
  • Change directory to nssm_dir/your_os and open a command line there
  • Run nssm install Kibana550
  • Choose kibana.bat as application path
  • Select log files location on "I/O" tab (at least stdout and stderr)
  • Enter your Elasticsearch service name on "Dependencies" tab
  • Click "Install service"
  • Open Windows Services and start your Kibana550 service

That worked for me, I hope it may help someone else. 😊✌️

Posted on 2017-07-14
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