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Using sed in Jenkins Groovy pipeline

I spent some time trying to figure out how to fix unexpected slash char error in my pipeline. My aim was to change some value in a config file after checking out a Git repository. I have a Jenkins pipeline and I used sed to perform the substitution. The pipeline wouldn't even compile because of Groovy's way of…
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How to install Kibana as a Windows service

Installing Elasticsearch as a service is an easy task: This creates a new service, which should be started manually. However, I faced a problem installing Kibana 5.5.0 as a Windows service. The first solution I found didn't work. If you got "Access denied" running this command, try running cmd.exe as Administrator…
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Silent installation MySQL 5.7 on Ubuntu


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This week I had to install MySQL 5.7 using a shell script. So maybe it would be helpful for someone else. This script must be run as root. If you want to install software automatically, you may be wondering how to know which parameters to set. How to do that? Use debconf-get-selections ! To install it run: To find…
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