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Configuring Mach3 for a CNC milling machine on Windows 7

Long time no posts, huh? I have a lot of interesting news and I hope to have some time to write it here. However, this post was inspired by my yesterday's experience. Working with old desktop software makes me nostalgic. Look at this rich and a bit messy interface. My dad bought a CNC milling machine and the…
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A review of the 2018

Update 06.02.2021: Why did I even thought 2018 was bad? :D I think it is the first review of the past year I ever wrote, but it might become a good tradition 😊 So, below I list some highlights from the outgoing year. Let's start from a funny pic of my cat :3 Winter 2018 I bought a new phone on January 4 and this time…
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When you bought a graphics tablet but cannot draw well

When you bought a graphics tablet but cannot draw well 😃  I hope to master the skill, I liked it so much! Just realized that I should have drawn a Santa, not a pumpkin 😀 Anyway, I just was practising drawing circles, that's how the pumpkin was drawn.
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Now the website uses TLS (SSL)

Not sure whether it's really necessary or not (as no data is sent from users except requests), but at least it's better for SEO. 😎
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Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. Brief overview.

As a Futurama fan, I couldn't miss the news about the Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow  game and downloaded it. The last thing I heard about this franchise is that we'll probably never see new series. But that didn't mean that we won't see games. In this short note, I've attached an introduction trailer as well as some…
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Azure Window collapses in Malta

Three days ago a natural arch called Azure Window collapsed in Gozo, Malta. This arch was included on Malta's tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It was used as background in some well-known movies such as the Game of Thrones and the Count of Monte-Cristo. It was also a famous place for tourists, so…
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Bought some greens today.

"Pyatyorochka" is a large food retail chain in Russia. There is one of their shops near my house. I really like it, because before it opened I had had to drive about 10 km to buy some food. Today I bought a greens mix pack and I was surprised by amount of dill. 😀🌱
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