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JavaScript scope mini-task

What we will see in the console?

var obj = {
    heroName: "Gandalf",
    func: function() {
        var that = this;
        console.log("outer func:  this.heroName = " + this.heroName);
        console.log("outer func:  that.heroName = " + that.heroName);
        (function() {
            console.log("inner func:  this.heroName = " + this.heroName);
            console.log("inner func:  that.heroName = " + that.heroName);


The result will be:

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The wind is rising… We must try to live!

The Wind Rises

I haven’t written anything for a long time. There were nothing special for last two months in my life. I continue studying Java on workdays and go home on weekends. Actually, this autumn I hope I will find time to describe GOF patterns in Java on this site.

Last weekend we watched a film by Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki called The Wind Rises. I love almost all his films (almost — because I haven’t watched all of them, I think 😌). Each frame of these films is a masterpiece.

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Today I met the ghost rider 😌 Where is Nicolas Cage? 😁

Ghost rider aerography