A review of the 2018

Update 06.02.2021: Why did I even thought 2018 was bad? :D

I think it is the first review of the past year I ever wrote, but it might become a good tradition 😊
So, below I list some highlights from the outgoing year. Let's start from a funny pic of my cat :3

IMG 20180219 211135

Winter 2018

I bought a new phone on January 4 and this time it was Android. It is my first Android phone, before that I used Apple. Everything is fine and I even fell more comfortable with some features iPhones don't have. However, I think Apple makes more secure phones and I miss iPhone's camera quality. I broke its screen somewhen in summer when I was helping my friend to move house. No photos here. πŸ“±

Usually, I don't like cold weather, snow and so forth, but this year I tried mountain skis and then snowboarding. Now I like winter and mountains. We spent our vacation at Sochi's Rosa Khutor ski resort in April, participating at Quicksilver New Star Camp festival, which was fantastic.

IMG 20180406 121806

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IMG 20180405 134910

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In Spring, I participated in my first hackathon. We were developing an application in a team of 5 people for almost 24 hours without sleep! Our application was intended to track parking places on a car park and display which place is taken and which one is free on a mobile phone. On the back-end side, we used Tensor Flow to analyse a video stream from a camera, Java and PostgreSQL to handle and store the data. On the front-end side, we used React, GraphQL and PWA to fetch and display the data on a mobile phone.

IMG 20180317 131454

IMG 20180317 135053


Meanwhile, a Vietnamese cafe opened in my hometown. We often visit it with friends and have some good food there.

IMG 20180414 150738

IMG 20180414 150758

IMG 20180414 150745

I visited many beautiful places and events.

We spent a great time in Konstantinovo near Ryazan (actually it wasn't so great because of a ton of mosquitoes!)

IMG 20180513 151946

IMG 20180513 185016

IMG 20180513 154350

We went rafting for 3 days!

IMG 20180623 085006

IMG 20180623 201120

IMG 20180602 201348

IMG 20180619 194813

IMG 20180619 205422

We visited a sober party of free travellers and hitchhikers. It was cool to listen to people who crossed the whole Russia on suburb trains, lived in different countries for months, travelled to Africa and Sri Lanka, not just to stay in a 3, 4 or 5 stars hotels, but to live among other people from those countries. I walked away with a conclusion: if you have to walk for several hours, please, wear some comfy shoes next time!

IMG 20180915 125853

IMG 20180602 165801

IMG 20180602 000923

IMG 20180602 201909

IMG 20180603 115332

We had a great summer party with our colleagues. We played different games, swam in a river and chilled.

IMG 20180728 102220

IMG 20180728 164954

IMG 20180728 105128

In August we had our second vacation. Our friends came to visit us in Ryazan. Yes, my haircut definitely proves that I'm on vacation. 😁

IMG 20180805 130617

Suddenly we decided to go to the seaside by car in a few days. We packed our luggage and covered about 3000 km in the next ten days. We stayed in campings, it was my first experience living at the sea in a tent. A good experience!

IMG 20180812 190544

IMG 20180812 172924

IMG 20180812 101858

Are you still reading? Wow. You should know that I am already tired writing this post πŸ˜ƒ. I think my year was really cool! So, this was the summer.
In autumn we also had two interesting trips and new experiences. We visited Yaroslavl, a beautiful city where my grandmother lived before getting married.
It was my first time staying in a hostel. It wasn't very comfortable because of small children crying. πŸ™„
I've already written about Yaroslavl here.

IMG 20180922 183459

IMG 20180923 123857

IMG 20180922 184402

IMG 20180922 122506

About 13 years ago (omg really), I played an MMORPG called Lineage II. One of my friends invited us to visit a festival dedicated to this game. One of my favourite music bands who play power metal 🀘🏻were there.

IMG 20180901 152448

IMG 20180901 174207

IMG 20180901 143212

IMG 20180901 174216

In October, we spent a night in nature, built a banya, had a steam bath, swam in the Oka river, walked to a "drunk forrest" and had a lot of fun (we even had problems with the police, but eventually everything was fine).

IMG 20181013 165644

IMG 20181014 100221

IMG 20181013 181048

IMG 20181013 232623 HHT

IMG 20181014 100525

IMG 20181014 104020

To continue the topic about PC games, I visited a Dota 2 tournament in Moscow. I play it occasionally, but I'm not a professional. It was interesting to see how the teams were smashing each other to get a prize.

IMG 20181208 160705

Huh, that's it about traveling in 2018. I didn't know I visited so many places! πŸ˜ƒ

In 2018 I became modern and bought a wearable device. It's the Xiaomi Amazfit Bip smart watch. Now I count my steps and measure the deep sleep phase. What's the most amazing about it – I can set up a countdown timer right on my hand when I boil eggs! 🐣

I also started doing yoga and running. However, I prefer running outside and when it's warm, so I plan to continue running in Spring 2019. Yoga is fine anytime!


I played as many tabletop games as I never played before. I think the number is more than 10!

IMG 20181221 201313

IMG 20180105 150159

IMG 20180128 153345

IMG 20180208 232119

IMG 20180713 202857

We met really nice guys and we still keep in touch – Kostya, Dima, Anya and Nastya. They visited us in Ryazan and created a funny local meme about one of the cafes we visited. πŸ’‡πŸ»


I held a snake! I'm afraid of them. Actually, I can't say it was a try to overcome one of my phobias, as it was not poisonous and dangerous. It was really cute and friendly. Meet the corn snake:

A few words about my plans that didn't have a chance to be brought to life.

I haven't tried hitchhiking
I haven't had a several-days-long ride on a bicycle
I haven't run my own pet project (but sometimes I commit there πŸ™‚)

I hope to turn these into reality next year.

Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ„
2018 was very good, wasn't it?
I wish you all the best in 2019!

Posted on 2018-12-31
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